Why Young People are the Future of Marketing

Tahlia Cave

In this ever-evolving digital age, young people are the trendsetters and influencers who spark wildfire-like movements that spread across the vast ocean of social media. They embody adaptability and agility, propelling our marketing efforts forward.

But are they inexperienced and unlikely to perform well in a marketing position due to their youth?

Not really.

For starters, they are the innovators of our world and have significant influence over their peers and social networks. They have the ability and understanding to amplify marketing messages and create viral campaigns through social media and online platforms like no other generation has managed to achieve in the same way. Some may even say they are the most creative generation, with user-generated content being a popular choice to utilise their creative skills while interacting with others.

So, yes, young people are already experienced in this world of digital marketing.

I recently spoke to a good friend of mine, a fellow Gen Z’er who was telling me about their mission to document their gap year traveling on TikTok and Instagram, in a plea to become an influencer and eventually work with big brands. This not only involves having advanced social media skills (especially to encourage follower growth and viral videos), creativity, and organisation, but a high work ethic too, so why do more employers not value this initiative?

My friend returned home recently, and sadly, despite having multiple viral videos with 1m+ views on TikTok and Instagram, with an amazing set of creative skills, she is still unsuccessful in job applications.

But what does any of this actually mean?

Gen Z is committed to going against the grain and creating new creative opportunities for themselves, no longer inspired by working the average 9-5 in an office environment. They value flexibility and variety in life, but employers are still behind in recognising this as a positive aspect. This evolving attitude should be embraced if businesses want to stay ahead of the curve and land the best talent.

With their inclusive outlooks on life, it comes as no surprise that Gen Z is the most environmentally concerned generation in terms of sustainability, and they care about improving their own environmental impact. Additionally, 83% of Gen Z candidates claim that a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is important when choosing an employer, and this modern attitude assists marketers in producing solid marketing campaigns that are representative while touching on important topics.

You can read as much data as you like on Gen Z, but to really connect with and understand them? You guessed it - hire them.

We do hope more employers will recognise the value of giving young people opportunities in digital marketing. By providing them with a chance to showcase their skills and understand their modern workplace outlooks, employers can tap into the potential of the next generation of marketing leaders.

Want to know more about how Small City Marketing supports new talent?

According to research by the Office for Students, less than two-thirds (57%) of students will find employment within 15 months of graduating from university.

That’s why at Small City Marketing, we are serious about bringing young people into the industry and providing fair opportunity.

We know that employers value work experience as much as a qualification, so we have partnered with leading universities around the UK such as Manchester Metropolitan University (the third best university in the UK for first-class degrees) to put together an internship programme which holds the intern's best interest at heart and navigates them through the industry to help them get a job in the marketing and creative industries.

We focus on the areas that interns want to improve, with workshops such as

This helps young people enhance their practical skills. It not only prepares them for the workplace but also ensures they are up-to-date and, in turn, provides them with an opportunity to teach us as a digital marketing agency about any new, trending topics.

If you’re a UK-based University or educational institute looking to learn more about partnering with us, please email info@smallcitymarketing.com

If you’re a University student looking to learn more about our internship programme and get involved with us, please email info@smallcitymarketing.com

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